Using the Slow Pace to Plan

For many finding time to plan and get your financial house in order is hard to do. Life is busy, well at least it was until a few weeks ago.
I was thinking that its kind of ironic that when money is coming in and we are busy we have no time to plan. But now we have slowed down, and there are a few things that are uncertain, so now we feel we can’t plan!

During this time it seems like there is way too much time to sit around and read bad news. If you’re like me, you are a bit anxious, but feel we will make it through this.
So why not spend some time thinking on something a bit more hopeful? Why not take some time to plan and consider how you can reach your financial goals once we are out of all this?

I know this time is hard, I don’t want to minimize that. But why not use some of this extra time to consider the plans and goals of your families future. It will give you something to look to, and possibly give your family some much needed encouragement as go through this uncertain time.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Revisit your families goals, both material and immaterial.
  • Take a look at your monthly expenses.
    • If anything, this time can teach us what we actually need, and areas we are overspending in.
  • If this has hit you hard financially, and you were not ready, plan now what you can do differently moving forward to save more for times like this.
  • Write down some actions you can take when this is over to start better meeting your goals.

I think its helpful for all of us to spend some time seeing past this crisis. There is enough negative to dwell on. Beyond our finances we have much to be grateful for, despite our current situation. Make sure some time is spent thinking on things that are positive, encouraging and hopeful.

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