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No matter your stage in life, we are here to help give you realistic guidance to manage your finances and help you clarify your investment and insurance needs.

Confused about your dollars and cents?

Let us help you make sense of your finances.

1. Clarify your financial situation

2. Identify your goals & gain practical insights that are easily implemented

3. Change your financial future

4. Demystify investments & insurance

5. Provide solutions geared toward you

6. Simple strategies for anyone to use

Clear Money Mindset Podcast

Providing you with help and tips to manage your money in a clear and intentional way.


The Importance Of Having A Will with Guest Ashley Harmon

Welcome to 2022. We hope you had a great holiday! The new year is usually a great time to take things more seriously and do some of the things you have been putting off. Today we want to help you will that. We are going to be talking about the importance of wills, and how […]



A Very Davies Christmas Special

The Davies Financial team is taking on Christmas in this special podcast. Ben, Andrea & Victoria are talking fun stats, eggnog, and all things holidays in this round table discussion. This podcast addresses all of the questions you did not know that you had including: Do you how many tons of turkey are produced in […]



Control Your Cashflow, Control Your Future w/ Jesse Mecham, Founder of You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Today we have a very exciting show. Call it what you want budget, spending plan, cashflow management. We have come up with all sorts of fancy and less abrasive ways of talking about the need to plan how we spend our money. Life is busy, and managing spending can be a challenge. If you are […]



Ep.16 – 2021 Market Update Series – Pt. 3 Christian Tucci – Manulife Investments

The final update of our Fall 2021 Market Update Mini Series comes from Christian Tucci, District Vice President of Manulife Investment Management. He gives insight about Manulife’s fund managers, their partners at Mawer, inflation risk, ‘boring investing’ and what happens next on the road to recovery.


Our Process

We want to see our clients thriving with their money. We have developed a clear process to help you clarify your situation, establish goals, and thrive with your money.

Clarify Your Situation

We help you build a clear picture of your current financial situation so we can clearly see where we are today.

Identify Success

Everyone’s situation is different. Once we have a clear picture of where we are today, we need to paint a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

Thriving financially starts by setting attainable goals.

Implement Plan

We will help you create a plan to implement so that you can achieve your financial goals. This will give you easy steps to implement on day to day, so you can thrive year to year. In this step of the plan we help you match investments and insurance with the goals we have set out.

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