Practical advice to help you thrive with your finances

No matter your stage in life, we are here to help give you realistic guidance to manage your finances and help you clarify your investment and insurance needs.

Clarify Your Situation

We help you build a clear picture of your current financial situation so we can clearly see where we are today.


Identify Success

Everyone’s situation is different. Once we have a clear picture of where we are today, we need to paint a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

Implement Plan

We will help you create a plan to implement so that you can achieve your financial goals. This will give you easy steps to implement on day to day, so you can thrive year to year.

Clear Money Mindset Podcast

Providing you with help and tips to manage your money in a clear and intentional way.


Saving Snippets – Get Smart about RESP

Wanted to learn about RESP’s but have not had time to do the research? On this episode of “The Clear Money Mindset” we will walk you through the basics of the Registered Education Savings Plan. Who can open an RESP? What does the government contribute? What kind of school can I use the funds for? […]



Lending Dollars & Savings Percent’s – Rob Zanet Axiom Mortgage Solutions Pt. 2

Lending Dollars & Saving Percents – Part 2 Rob Zanet of Axiom Mortgages continues his conversation with Ben as he provides more professional insight into the mortgage world. In the second part of this 2 part podcast Rob discusses his experiences with re-financing (this may be a big trend over the next few years), private […]



Lending Dollars & Savings Percent’s – Rob Zanet Axiom Mortgage Solutions

A podcast that really hits home(owners). 🏡   With the cost of housing going up, those who are looking to buy a home (or refinancing your current home) must work hard to save money. This is where the mortgage broker – a professional whose job is to find you the best mortgage rate, enters the […]



EP 26 – The Bottom Line – How Biases Affect Your Behavior – Alex Nguyen

When Psychology meets the stock market some interesting things can happen. Humans have a great deal of feelings about many things, and we cannot pretend that excludes our money or our investing behaviours. It has been a rough first half of 2022, uncertainty can be scary and that can cause us to react emotionally or […]


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