Real Estate Round Table

What do you call it when you gather a financial advisor, a lawyer, a real estate agent, and two mortgage brokers in a room and give them a microphone? 

Answer: An informative podcast that can help empower you if you are buying or selling a home. 

Navigating the real estate market is no joke, especially with the ever-changing climate of interest rates, mortgage rules, affordability, inflation, and post-pandemic recovery. Luckily, we’ve assembled a dream team of real estate professionals to provide a comprehensive view from start to closing and beyond. 

The Roster Includes: 

  • Ben Davies – Your host and financial advisor, and the overall referee of the podcast. 
  • Rob and Sandra Zanet – A dynamic husband and wife mortgage broker team with Team Zanet, discussing mortgage rates and today’s lending climate. 
  • Alyssa Ismail – A knowledgeable and caring real estate agent with Century 21, Local Home Team Realty Inc., sharing tips and experiences. 
  • Sebastian Schmoranz – A straightforward and honest lawyer with MSSH Lawyers, offering the legal advice you didn’t know you needed but will be happy to have. 

Expect laughter, banter, and plenty of “aha” moments as our experts share their real-life experiences, tips, and practical advice in this roundtable discussion. 

Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and let’s talk real estate! 

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