Mortgages & Markets – Update with Rasha Ingratta

What is happening in the housing market? – Interest, Inflation, and Investment, oh my!

With an eventful 2022 slowly winding down but interest rates on the rise we knew it was time to have a professional come on the podcast and talk about the current state of the housing market. Rasha Ingratta, a mortgage expert with Mortgage Intelligence offers her expert opinions and insights on the unusual real estate situation. Being local to the Windsor/Essex area she has a great deal of experience in the unusual real estate pocket of the city south of Detroit.

On this informative podcast, Ben and Rasha discuss:
➡ The current inflation rate and how it impacts the rate
➡ Reflection on house values in the past 2 years
➡ When to think about refinancing
➡ How to qualify for a mortgage
➡ Information about the stress test
➡ Home equity line of credits
➡ Purchase Price and appraisal price
➡ Fixed or variable rate, past present and future

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