Think Outside the Budget – Jason Leong Co-Founder & CEO of PocketSmith

A podcast and a giveaway, what a beaut! 

When we think of a budget, we don’t always jump up and down with excitement. It can seem daunting and make us feel restricted. What good is a budget if it is too rigid to stick with? 

Enter PocketSmith, a New Zealand based budgeting app company, this app is as unique and individual as the person using it, it can help create flexible and sustainable budgets. When a client recommended this to us, Ben contacted the company, and they were an absolute joy to deal with. Ben was able to chat with Jason Leong, CEO and Co-Founder and the rest…well, you can listen to in this episode.  

Whether this is your first-time using budgeting software or you are a seasoned veteran, this app has it all: integrations from your bank account, customized and flexible budgeting options, future forecasting and even  allows budget sharing with your financial advisor. This podcast is highly informative and as an added bonus, we are teaming up with PocketSmith to give away a couple of one-year subscriptions so you can see what is under the hood and really get to know the app.  

To enter, send us a screenshot of a 5 star review on Spotify or Apple Podcasts of your favourite podcast (The Clear Money Mindset 😉). Good luck to all of our listeners and happy budgeting! 

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