Cybersecurity – With Guest Chris Martin of Mozilla Firefox

What does a modern hacker look like? Many of us have a picture of a person sitting in the dark surrounded by computers and monitors **cue suspenseful music and typing sounds**but this is no longer the face of hackers. You may be surprised at how susceptible each of us can be if we are ever chosen as a target for what has become a lucrative and profitable industry. Today Chris Martin – Staff Software Engineer with Mozilla Firefox educates us on some ways that hackers use everyday exploits to try and gain access to our information. This podcast is not meant to scare but to inform and make us more conscious of the decisions we make surrounding technology and how we access computers. It will take place over 2 parts; the first part will be Chris taking us through some historical accounts of hacking and ways that hackers used a variety of tactics to gain access to companies and information. Be sure to stay turned for part 2 where Chris walks us through simple ways to protect ourselves.  

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