Cybersecurity Part 2 – With Guest Chris Martin of Mozilla Firefox

What if we told you that your “Very Strong” password could be figured out within an hour with no other information about you and if small amounts of information are known it can be minutes or seconds? Many people are unaware of seemingly innocent ways you give your information and how that may make you very susceptible to online hackers. You may be at risk if: 

Any of y0ur p@$$w0rd$ l00k l!k3 Th!S. 
You have used any password or part of a password more than once. 
You use words, patterns, or personal information in your password.
You use verification questions that are easy.

We also discuss: 

Are call phone biometrics safe/secure? 
How to protect your account and information. 
Why 2-way authentication is so important (tip, you can set this up in your Sterling portal) . 

In the second and final part of this two part podcast Ben continues his talk with Chris Martin – Staff Software Engineer with Mozilla Firefox as they discuss the password debacle and gives some suggestions on how you can increase your security in the online world.  

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