Lending Dollars & Savings Percent’s – Rob Zanet Axiom Mortgage Solutions

A podcast that really hits home(owners). 🏡
With the cost of housing going up, those who are looking to buy a home (or refinancing your current home) must work hard to save money. This is where the mortgage broker – a professional whose job is to find you the best mortgage rate, enters the conversation. Rob Zanet of Axiom mortgage walks you through what you need to know in part one of this 2-part podcast including:
➡ The benefits of using a Broker.
➡ Sources that Brokers can use.
➡ What are the types of lenders and should you be concerned about “lesser known” lenders.
➡ How Brokers are compensated.
➡Tips and Advice that could save you thousands in interest.
Rob Zanet and his wife Sandra have collectively over 50 years of mortgage experience in Windsor & Essex Country and currently operate Axiom Mortgages that locally has 2 offices located in Tecumseh and Leamington.


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