Local Investment Matters w/Guest Nelson Cheng – CEO Sterling Mutuals

Over the last year we have all looked for ways to support local business. This has led us to discover local companies we didn’t even know existed. One great Local story is our Mutual Fund Dealer, Sterling Mutuals. They happen to be the only National Mutual Fund dealer that is Located in Windsor Ontario.

Sterling has a unique story and perspective on the Industry. Today we will talk with Nelson Cheng the founder & CEO of Sterling Mutuals. We will discuss how Sterling began and the national success this local company has become.

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of Sterling Mutuals Inc. in 1996, Nelson entered the mutual fund industry in 1987 where he assisted in building one of the largest financial planning offices in the Windsor area. Nelson’s background as an advisor represents a key asset to the firm, as he is thoroughly familiar with the day-to-day realities faced by Sterling’s advisors. Nelson’s inherent understanding of the needs of advisors, along with his natural talent for computer programming, have also been instrumental in helping him to build Sterling’s robust back-office software system.

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