Ep.14 – 2021 Market Update Series – Pt. 1 Ogi Todorovic – Fidelity Investments

We are heading into the fall, soon enough it will be Christmas. This year has been another year of ups and downs for sure, but it still seems to have flown by.

So many people are wondering what is next for markets and the economy. We have had a lot of phone calls lately, you are wondering what the next phase in the recovery looks like. And you should, if you are invested, its your money, you should care.

So, we are doing something new. 3 Podcasts over 1 week, giving you three different fund companies perspectives on the markets. We will start off with Ogi Todorovic from Fidelity Investments, he will let us know Fidelity’s current outlook on the final months of 2021 as well as a look into 2022. Keep your open for the next two interviews within the 7 days.

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