Death & Taxes – Will vs Estate

“Nothing is Certain but Death & Taxes”- Benjamin Franklin

A Will is a great start to an Estate Plan and sometimes a properly done Will is enough, but sometimes a Will is not the best option when it comes to our final planning needs, and it can fall short – leading to a costly and stressful settlement after our death. In today’s podcast we have Ashley Harmon, a Lawyer, and Partner with Hogarth Hermiston Severs LLP. Ashley specializes in Estate Planning. Ben and Ashley shine some light on a topic that is not always openly discussed but is important to understand, having a proper plan in place is essential and it can help relieve some of the burdens on your family after you pass away.

Some of the topics include:

➡️The difference between a Will and an Estate.

➡️The scope of a Will.

➡️The various components of Estate Plans.

➡️How and when an Estate plan may be more advantageous than a Will.

➡️The legal considerations of both Wills & Estates.

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