Control Your Cashflow, Control Your Future w/ Jesse Mecham, Founder of You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Today we have a very exciting show. Call it what you want budget, spending plan, cashflow management. We have come up with all sorts of fancy and less abrasive ways of talking about the need to plan how we spend our money.

Life is busy, and managing spending can be a challenge.

If you are like most people, and you struggle to find a way to plan your spending each month, this episode is for you.

We are going to be talking budgeting with Jesse Mecham.


Personal finance expert, speaker, and business leader, Jesse Mecham is the Founder of You Need A Budget (or YNAB if you are very busy and important). Jesse hosts the You Need A Budget Podcast, the Beginning Balance Podcast and is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of, You Need A Budget. (He’s nothing if not consistent!) A self-proclaimed “recovering CPA,” he is deeply passionate about teaching individuals, families, and business owners YNAB’s Four Rules to help them gain total control of their money. Jesse first developed the YNAB method and original spreadsheet as a broke, newly married college student who really needed a budget. In an attempt to make an additional $300/month to cover rent, he sold his spreadsheet online and YNAB was born. Since 2004, the software has grown into a leading personal finance platform and has helped hundreds of thousands of people break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and save more money. Now, YNAB has a growing team living and working all around the world, and has built a thriving remote culture that earned recognition as Fortune’s #1 best small company to work for. (YNAB was doing remote work before it was cool!) When not teaching people how to budget, Jesse loves gardening, woodworking, marksmanship, and travel. He also spends a good bit of time with his wife and the seven small people that live in their house. To learn more, visit

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