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What to do When a Loved One Passes Away

Losing a loved one is a stressful event; between emotions, finances, family, and final wishes it can be a challenging time to navigate this unfamiliar terrain. There are many things to consider from both a financial and legal perspective – there are at least 87 decisions to make, pieces of information to gather or things to do when someone dies. Today on our podcast Ben is fortunate to be joined by Josie Hope, an accountant with LJ Business Solutions, as well as Ashley Harmon, a lawyer with Hogarth Hermiston Severs LLP, they will be discussing steps you can take before someone passes away, what needs to be done after, as well as tips to help ease the burden that you can put on your loved ones in the event of death. If you have ever had to act as an executor, you know the importance of an accountant and lawyer as you work to settle a final estate. 

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